Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ

Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ

Does Zeolite Enhanced With DHQ Cure Cancer?

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Many people are looking for information on a product called "Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ". The likely reason is that they have come across a report called "Strategies to Kill Cancer".

There are a couple of things you may want to note about this "report".

  • The report is not signed by anyone- Any legitimate person who has something to say will add a signature to the bottom of any "report". In this case, the report is written by Robert Harrison (a.k.a. pen name- Robert Sopias). He has no medical background. Of course this is not necessarily a red flag. Many people have done a tremendous amount of research, and could be said to have some expertise in an area. However, one must ask… why is he hiding his identity on this 'report'?
  • The owner of the domain name (internet web address) is hidden– On the internet, you can look up who has ownership of websites, unless the owner pays to hide the information. That information for this website is hidden from the public. Legitimate people do not hide.
  • The report urges you to buy many products– Whenever an unsigned report urges you to buy products, you need to question the validity of the report. In this case, Mr Harrison's testimonials often say that his customers are using 20 products or more!! This results in people spending many thousands of dollars EVERY SINGLE MONTH!! 
  • The tests discusssed are meaningless– In one place in this report it says "Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ is 11,600 when BLA, PlugX and MC² are also used". Do you understand what is happening here? First, the number is meaningless. 11,600 WHAT? What units? What does this number represent? I once had an opportunity to speak to this man. He "tests" his product by holding a pendulum over the product and asking it questions! ACKKKKK!!! This entire report is designed to get you to spend money… why milk you of cash for one product when he can sell many!! 

What is Zeolite Enhanced With DHQ?

DHQ- stands for Dihydroquercetin. It is a particular type of anti-oxidant called a flavinoid. It has shown some anti-tumor action, but no more so than many flavinoids, and certainly FAR LESS than some! It does not "enhance" the action of the zeolite in any way. It is simply an additive. 

The zeolite found in the product called Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ is very minimal. In other words there is very little zeolite in "zeolite Enhanced with DHQ", and there is actually very little DHQ. It is mostly made up of humic acid in water. ZIf you want to know more about zeolite and what it does, and how it may be able to help you fill out the form that popped up at the bottom, or visit www.theliquidzeolitebook.com

Bottom line- If you want to get the most of your zeolite, buy zeolite powder that has been mined specifically for human consumption, that has been further processed to be clean and micronized, and that is at a reasonable priced. Then get your antioxidants and flavinoids from real foods like green tea, fresh leafy greens such as spinach and kale, broccoli, and … well you get the idea. You can also supplement with vitamin C or other antioxidants separately so you know you are getting a potent enough dose to actually DO something! 

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  1. I have used zeolite on my own melanoma with great results. I have a friend with brain cancer, should I recommend liquid or powder zeolite. Is the brain barrier a concern?

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