Natural Cancer Fighting Strategies

Cancer Can Be Beaten
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Natural Cancer Fighting Strategies

There are a number of reasons to seek out natural therapies when diagnosed with cancer. Let’s explore some of those reasons together.

  1. Ease the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation- Nausea, vomiting, extreme fatigue, weight loss, anemia and infection are some of the reasons that people look for natural therapies to conquer cancer. These side effects often feel worse than the cancer itself. People will often look for cancer fighting strategies that they can use together with their chemotherapy in order to not only kill cancer cells, but to diminish the horrible side effects of the conventional treatment.
  2. Chemotherapy or Radiation is undesirable– There are many reasons why chemotherapy or radiation treatments may be undesirable to someone suffering with a diagnosis of cancer. The reasons are too numerous to list, but should be discussed with a medical professional. If chemotherapy or radiation is undesirable or has been ruled out in your case, then you may very well be looking for natural cancer fighting strategies.
  3. You want to do everything possible- some people intend to follow their doctor’s advice AND add natural therapies to their treatment as well. This is often a viable option. Just be sure that the natural therapies you are using do not counteract the traditional treatments. For example, many oncologists will not wish you to take anything that supports the immune system, since chemotherapy aim is often to knock out the immune system.  There are many alternatives to cancer treatment that CAN indeed be used in conjunction with traditional therapies however.

Choosing a natural supplement can be difficult. The internet has so much information and misinformation, and you are asked to wade through all of it and choose something that might help. Beware of miracle cures. There are definitely supplements and other natural therapies to help you conquer cancer, but you also need to balance reality with cost and put on your thinking cap and apply a little critical thinking to you.

Most people are frightened, and desperate, and the cancer fighting strategies scam artists are out there looking for you.  Sometimes if you can speak with someone on the phone that will make a difference. It can also be helpful to ask someone you care about and trust to help you evaluate alternative treatments with you.

How important is diet in cancer?

As soon as you read this you should be considering how you can modify your diet. You need as many whole food nutrients and cancer fighting compounds as you can get, and food is a great place to get some of these. Consider purchasing a juicer from your local home hardware or kitchen store, and stock up on broccoli, carrots, celery, apples and other juicing fruits and vegetables. There are a number of foods that have been scientifically proven to have cancer fighting nutrients in them, and juicing helps you concentrate those nutrients into a cup full of cancer fighting goodness.

pH is an important cancer fighting strategy as well. Bringing your body to a more alkaline state by eating properly (and avoiding certain foods) is helpful as well.

Add green tea to the list as well. 3-6 cups of organic Chinese or Japanese green tea brewed from whole loose leaves is packed full of cancer fighting compounds. 

Get Rid of Toxins and Boost The Immune System.

Your body has been equipped with the proper tools to fight off cancer. The problem is, it is so busy battling foreign chemicals, toxins and heavy metals that it is pre-occupied. Getting rid of these chemicals and toxins with a special targetted detox product is important. Don’t do just a liver or bowel cleanse. These are inneffective, and depending on what stage you are in, could be dangerous. You need a heavy metal and chemical detoxifier that is going to be effective enough to rid the body of poisons, but still allow your intestines and other body organs to function properly.

At the same time, you need to add a supplement that will support your immune system and boost your natural killer cells. Natural Killer Cells are your body’s own defense against cancer, and they seek out and kill mutant cells. That is their function. If you have cancer, it is because your natural killer cells (NKC) have been busy doing other things, or they have been suppressed by the chemical onslaught. You want a supplement that can boost the numbers and the strength of the NKC.



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